Wisdom Teeth Removal

They earned their name because they usually appear between the ages of 17 and 21 when we are supposed to have gained some “wisdom.” They are the last teeth to erupt.

Why are Wisdom Teeth removed?

Not all jaws are big enough and have space for these molars to develop normally. What happens is that the tooth is blocked under the gum and becomes stuck or impacted. An impacted wisdom tooth has the possibility of crowding other teeth or creating painful, and often infected gum. Due to their positioning in the very back of the mouth, wisdom teeth are sometimes very difficult to clean, developing decay and gum disease.

What will happen if I don’t remove my Wisdom Teeth?

Aside from the cosmetic repercussions mentioned before, overcrowding can prevent the wisdom tooth from having enough room to grow, thus becoming impacted. An impacted tooth can be very painful and can lead to a very serious infection. It is recommended to remove the wisdom teeth by the time the patient is a young adult to prevent future problems and allow proper healing to take place. Please note that sometimes a wisdom tooth can erupt without causing any damages, and can be kept in the mouth.

The Surgery

Wisdom tooth removal or extraction is done in our clinic with a special device called Piezosurgery that doesn’t cause any trauma to the bone. It significantly reduces the swelling and pain by 50% compared to normal extraction, and also improves the healing process.

Wisdom tooth extractions are performed under local anesthesia in our clinic, or general anesthesia in a hospital. After any surgery, it is common to experience a little bit of swelling and discomfort. You will be given the best medication in order to make this procedure as painless as possible.

Wisdom teeth removal - Khoury dental clinic beirut lebanon
The 4 wisdom teeth were removed in less than an hour

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