I am sure this is not the first appreciation and compliment message you see on Khoury Dental Clinic page.
I have been patient (now friend) in Khoury Dental Clinic since 2 years and a half, I had a really severe problems and tried two other dentists but results were disaster. However with Dr. Jeff, it was a great experience with a great results after four bone grafts and several gum grafts and teeth implants that went very smoothly and successfully, I have today a great smile and excellent teeth conditions.
Thank you Dr. Jeff for being a truly spectacular dentist as well as artist through giving me this great smile. I am filled with gratitude that you are always eager to readily help me out whenever I need it. I felt completely safe with you in charge.
The clinic staff – Sandy, Jamy and Joelle were also extremely welcoming, warm and helpful (special thanks to Sandy who was really helpful and friendly). I really appreciate all of your help.
Last, you may think that this type of service is expensive, in fact prices were competitive and even lower than previous dentists I dealt with.
I am lucky I found Khoury Dental Clinic, and luckier to have Dr. Jeff my dentist.
From my side, my mom, my daughter, my wife, my brother and many other family members who were and still your patient a BIGGG THANNNNKS