Professionalism, Great Ethics, Respect, Cleanliness, latest Technology, years of Experience and Amazing Results!!! There is a lot more I can say about Khoury Dental Clinic…
I have had years of dental work, mainly overseas… lots of back and forth, surgeries, pain, gum and dental issues; until I decided to reach out to a dear friend “Jeff”! A few phone calls, messages, X-rays and the likes and I was on the plane to Lebanon!
I got to experience “Dr Jeff” as an amazing professional who went above and beyond to ease my fears, find the appropriate solution to my issues and give me a wonderful smile I had lost faith in ever having….

Thank you Jeff for the amazing work, but also a big thank you to the whole team from Dr Raphael to Sandy, Joelle, Taline and Jamie for the whole experience!
Your patience, friendliness while still being professional, experience, confidence, cleanliness, encouragements and immaculate ethics have changed my life forever!!! And most of all Thank You for my beautiful Smile!!

Love you all and I will see you on my next trip 😘