I had a MAJOR problem with my teeth due to bad experience with previous dentists. I decided after many years to find a doctor abroad and that’s when I found this clinic. I emailed them and I received NOT ONLY a reply but also consultation and support like no where else! I travelled to Beirut, where I had my implants done by THIS PROFESSIONAL TEAM, Professor and Doctor Khoury. I CANNOT THANK THEM ENOUGH for their PERFECT JOB and above all for putting that smile back on my face! I had the WORST MOUTH you could imagine and had my implants done in the MOST PROFESSIONAL WAY!! I would not hesitate to recommend THIS AMAZING CLINIC ! Needless to say that I NEVER FOR ONCE FELT ANY PAIN…And a year later my husband travelled to Beirut to Khoury Dental Clinic and had his implants. Out of this world Experience!!!