Teeth are made of two main parts

The crown: it is the “visible” part that protrudes out of the gum. It is made of enamel and dentin.
The root: it is the “non visible” part that is inside your jaw bone. Root canal therapy consists of cleaning this internal part of the tooth by removing the nerve.

What is Root Canal Therapy?

The reason why our teeth are sensitive to cold or hot is because there is one or several nerves inside each tooth. When a big cavity or decay reaches the nerve, it’s imperative to remove and clean the root, otherwise it will get infected and might cause major pain and swelling.

The root canal treatment is performed in our clinic by a specialized dentist and not by any general practitioner. The process of cleaning the root is a very meticulous and sophisticated treatment that requires the use of high tech instruments and a lot of expertise. Although many patients consider it as a time-consuming procedure, for us it is the first step to a successful treatment.