Recognizing TMJ Symptoms

  • Do you wake up every morning with muscle pain or stiffness in your jaw, neck, head and even your shoulders?
  • Do you have pain when your jaw joint is clicking, popping or grating while opening and closing your mouth?
  • Do you feel pain in your ear or pressure inside it?
  • Do you have limited movement in your jaw?
  • Does your jaw ever get stuck or locked as you open it?


If you answer “yes” to some of these questions, you may have a “Temporomandibular Joint Disorder” commonly known as “TMJ Disorder”.
TMJDs are a set of clinical conditions characterized by a limitation in jaw movement and a pain in the jaw joint and surrounding tissues.

TMJ pain results most of the times from injuries, although in some cases, the symptoms can start without any obvious reason.
If your jaw suddenly blocks, whether your mouth is opened or closed, please make sure to reach us immediately in order to treat the problem in the shortest time.

Dr. Jeff Khoury has an extensive experience in treating people with TMJ problems. He works with several physiotherapist and chiropractors to give you a full body healing approach.