Why Do We Have Gum Pigmentation?

Melanin is a pigment that is found mainly in the skin and a determinant factor of your skin color. When you have an excess of melanin deposits in your gum (also known as Gingival Hyperpigmentation), black spots and patches will appear. The goal of the gum depigmentation is to remove the excess of melanin so that the normal pink color of the gum tissue reappears.

Please note the black spots around the teeth

Please note the pink color of the gum after treatment


What are the Contributing Factors?

One of the prime contributing factors is simply genetics, followed by poor dental hygiene and smoking. A lot of people from the Middle East and Africa visit us in order to treat their gum pigmentation.

Poor oral hygiene can allow gum disease to develop, which in turn can affect gum pigmentation. Smoking also plays a major role in discolored gums. It has statistically been proven that smokers have considerably darker gums than non-smokers.

What is the Treatment for Gum Pigmentation?

Gum pigmentation treatment is a cosmetic dental procedure that can be done either by peeling the gum with a diamond bur, with a laser or with liquid nitrogen. The treatment modality will depend on the severity of each case.