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Today I had to perform a surgery on a patient of mine. We did it in a hospital, as he had to undergo general anesthesia. He actually didn’t really need to go through this whole process, but we had to do it due to a bad experience he had with his previous dentist which led to his current phobia. Moreover, he started to have a severe gag reflex which meant that he couldn’t stand having any instruments touching his tongue or cheeks. I tried to convince him to take anxiolytics medicine (which helps alleviate anxiety) and gave him other options, but he was refusing everything.

He didn’t want to feel any kind of pain, hear any type of dental related sound, and wanted to finish everything in one session. So in this case, a full blown surgery experience with general anesthesia was the only option.


Dr Jeff performing a dental implant surgery at the hospital, with the help of one of his colleagues


So many people have a genuine fear of going to the dentist and this fear is understandable, maybe 30, 15, or even 10 years ago. Nowadays, it’s a completely different experience than it used to be, but the problem is, everyone is stuck in the past and still find dentists scary.

Now seriously you guys, do I look scary to you?


Every part of the going-to-the-dentist experience has changed. Everything is friendlier, pleasanter and procedures have almost all become painless. Patients might experience slight discomfort from going to the dentist, rather than having a traumatizing or painful experience. (Granted of course, that you are going to see a good, smart dentist, who knows what he’s doing and has created a pleasant space in his clinic, etc.)

Now with the latest technology, even local anesthesia can be performed painlessly. It is known as “The Wand”, and a company called Aseptico has created it as a painfree, non invasive system, for those who have fears of needles.

I’ve been studying and looking into this wand system, and have decided to order it for my clinic. This revolutionary device is going to change the face of dentistry and the anxiety that patients suffer from.



Everything in dentistry has become more sophisticated and well developed; even odors have been eliminated from dental products that used to use. There’s usually soft soothing music in the background, super friendly staff, and not to mention that dentists have become gentler and more patient with their patients, therefore, making the trip to the dentist, not as horrifying as it used to be.


I feel compelled to stress on this point because so many people are avoiding going to their dentists, even for just a regular cleaning and check up, which in turn is causing them deep physical pain, something they could have easily avoided, as well as more serious problems in the future, had they just gone to the dentist.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, one can even undergo general anesthesia if the patient is so afraid, has gagging reflex, anxious or mental incapabilities (down syndrome or others). So no more fear! Visit your local dentist, I promise you it’s going to be a much better experience than you think. Doctor’s orders! :)

Dr. Jeff

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