Professionalism, Great Ethics, Respect, Cleanliness, latest Technology, years of Experience and Amazing Results!!! There is a lot more I can say about Khoury Dental Clinic…
I have had years of dental work, mainly overseas… lots of back and forth, surgeries, pain, gum and dental issues; until I decided to reach out to a dear friend “Jeff”! A few phone calls, messages, X-rays and the likes and I was on the plane to Lebanon!
I got to experience “Dr Jeff” as an amazing professional who went above and beyond to ease my fears, find the appropriate solution to my issues and give me a wonderful smile I had lost faith in ever having….

Thank you Jeff for the amazing work, but also a big thank you to the whole team from Dr Raphael to Sandy, Joelle, Taline and Jamie for the whole experience!
Your patience, friendliness while still being professional, experience, confidence, cleanliness, encouragements and immaculate ethics have changed my life forever!!! And most of all Thank You for my beautiful Smile!!

Love you all and I will see you on my next trip 😘

Lara Wakim

I’ve been a patient at Khoury Dental Clinic for almost 4 years; in that time I’ve had my wisdom teeth removed, my teeth straightened (with invisible aligners), and a whitening treatment. Like most people, I normally find visiting the dentist nerve-wracking, but each visit here has been pleasant and pain-free, and for the first time in my life I love my smile!

Dr Jeff is extremely gentle and patient, taking the time to explain each step and answer my many many questions! He is honest and you can tell that he really cares about his patients, always recommending the least invasive treatment and a range of options to suit your budget.

The clinic staff are also polite, professional and friendly, making for a great experience overall. Give them a try (the consultation is free), you won’t be disappointed!


I am sure this is not the first appreciation and compliment message you see on Khoury Dental Clinic page.
I have been patient (now friend) in Khoury Dental Clinic since 2 years and a half, I had a really severe problems and tried two other dentists but results were disaster. However with Dr. Jeff, it was a great experience with a great results after four bone grafts and several gum grafts and teeth implants that went very smoothly and successfully, I have today a great smile and excellent teeth conditions.
Thank you Dr. Jeff for being a truly spectacular dentist as well as artist through giving me this great smile. I am filled with gratitude that you are always eager to readily help me out whenever I need it. I felt completely safe with you in charge.
The clinic staff – Sandy, Jamy and Joelle were also extremely welcoming, warm and helpful (special thanks to Sandy who was really helpful and friendly). I really appreciate all of your help.
Last, you may think that this type of service is expensive, in fact prices were competitive and even lower than previous dentists I dealt with.
I am lucky I found Khoury Dental Clinic, and luckier to have Dr. Jeff my dentist.
From my side, my mom, my daughter, my wife, my brother and many other family members who were and still your patient a BIGGG THANNNNKS

Ziad Chamssedine

My name is Jamel Jaouhari, I live in the United States 🇺🇸. I was suffering with my upper jaw, but I came across khoury dental clinic practice and saw the work they did , so it was a risky adventure for me to make such a big move to lebanon.
Meeting Dr. Jeff khoury and his staff made my life so much brighter. Best service anyone can wish for. Amazing work with Dr. Jeff one day all done the entire upper jaw was not good , but Dr Jeff did something I never thought would ever happen , he made me smile again with joy, eat with no fear.
Dr. Jeff Khoury all I can say is that you are a miracle and u made my dream a reality, God bless you dear.

Jamel Jaouhari

Dr Jeff restored my teeth, smile, self-esteem and confidence in February 2021 after breaking my jaw a few months earlier. He went out of his way to provide advice while I was overseas and when I returned he found the least invasive solution and matched the colour of my veneers perfectly. Dr Jeff is an amazing dentist, he was informative, efficient and is a miracle worker! His staff are friendly and I ‘m sure there were huge smiles behind the masks every time I walked into the surgery. If you’re looking for the best dentist in Lebanon, call Dr. Jeff!

Fiona Coorey

My parents and I have been the patients of Dr Jeff for more than 5 years. Each dental procedure he administered was done with utmost proficiency and always coupled with a lot of explanations that were essential in making every intervention, no matter how sophisticated, comfortable and successful. I strongly recommend him for all people looking for the modern approach in dentistry services based on state of the art methodology.

Roula Safi

Dr. Jeff is very ethical. He has saved me lots unnecessary costs. Dr. Jeff’s advice was the best amongst other doctors. Dr. Jeff was very caring and made sure I feel no pain in a visit when I was extracting my wisdom teeth.
I would highly recommend Dr. Jeff!

Rizkallah Helou

Very professional, reliable and friendly! I fully trust this dental clinic and recommend it to anyone who needs to get their teeth fixed – be it for medical or aesthetic reasons. Thank you, Jeff Khoury and team!

Sophia Palmes

Very professional, I got my wisdom teeth removed and fixed my teeth position
and look with clear aligner attachments for a very good price

Wael Frashy

This dentist is awesome! Dr Jeff is a clear communicator, friendly and makes dental work seem effortless and stress-free. The dental nurse too is very welcoming and helpful. Everything is super hygienic in the clinic and the atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant. I thoroughly recommend Khoury Dental clinic. 5 stars plus!

Catriona Heath

had a very pleasant experience with Dr Jeff and his staff.He is very professional. He takes the time to explain what needs to be done and provides valuable advice. He is the best dentist i have ever had.

Ebtissam Yehia

Khoury dental clinic is the best especially dr Jeff amazing; I did few inplants and crowns and the nurses there are very helpful. Thank u for the amazing work and definitely I recommend to everyone who needs implants and crowns 🌹🙏

Marcelle Abdallah

After many bad experiences with dentists and periodontist between Riyadh and Beirut, I randomly visited Jeff for a consultation. And here I am after a year recommending him to friends and family. Jeff has a kind and friendly approach where you feel comfort while getting an excellent professional job. My teeth were broken, he had them fixed in an hour time and my smile just looks perfect now. All other dentists advised much more complex and money and time consuming solutions. It’s always good to have a truthful consultant, that makes your life easier. I as well have gum problems and scaling the gum is annoyingly painful, he is delicate and fast. Ps: prices are very reasonable. Bottoms up!

Rodrigue Bejjani

I was in Beirut for ten days and Dr. Jeff and his team were extremely accommodating, given my limited time as I live abroad. I particularly appreciate the consultation process. Dr. Jeff was really patient in explaining my options and this made it easy to establish trust. The treatment went smoothly and successfully. And my overall experience was pleasant and reassuring. This truly is a state of the art clinic with personal attention to patients.

Michelle Obeid

Finally i reached the dentist i need after changing 3 doctors before, i can tell that the experience was the most professional very quick no pain and smooth, i had fixed 5 teeth in just 1 hour the result was a state of art you can’t realize the composite. The clinic is comfortable,easy to reach and park, the assistants are very helpful. My next will be gum surgery im nervous but definitely trust Dr. Jeff capabilty.

Toufic Hamade

I highly recommend Khoury dental clinic and specifically Dr. Jeff Khoury. The professionalism and talent of this doctor took the dental experience to a new level. I did several treatments at the clinic & removed my wisdom teeth with no pain whatsoever. Keep up the great work

Rosie Mansour

Great sincere service. Clean results all the way! Couldnt be in and under better hands!

Rima Dalal

After many years of dental issues resulting from a domestic accident, and while on vacation in Portugal (at which point we decided to seek more professional attention in a Lebanon). We booked our appointment and every trip to Lebanon my treatment has so far pain free and very professional!! From the lovely ladies assisting at the clinic to Dr Jeff and his dad, I’ve been very satisfied with each result!! I have a couple more trips to make, and while away, they always respond to each and any question I have!! U guys are doing a super fantastic job!! Couldn’t have asked for better luck in finding u to save me from my situation!! Looking forward to having a fabulous smile!!!

Mirna Abd el Massih

ok to start with, my nightmare was the dentists and specially the zzzz instrument they use.. yesterday I had two wisdom teeth removed by Dr. Jeff. the experience was very smooth, didn’t feel any pain even when putting the anesthetic needle. Dr. Jeff explains every step he is doing, so this made me feel very comfortable. The clinic is very clean and positive. Thank you Dr. Jeff for changing my idea about dentists. 🙂 I highly recommend this clinic!

Rana Hamze

I would definitely recommend Khoury Clinic to anyone. I had several treatments and they all went very well. Dr. Jeff is extremely professional, precise, caring and emphatic! All the staff is as well kind and highly trained. I’ve always felt at ease and would definitely go again !

Diana Gargano

One of the best dental clinics, the staff are very friendly, excellent hygiene, appointments are always on time, last but not least excellent results. Dr. Jeff you are the best!!!

Nada EL Imad

My experience at Khoury Dental Clinic is an ongoing one. So far it can easily be described as welcoming and comfortable. From the well-experienced team of dentists to the super-friendly assistants, Khoury Dental Clinic has changed my perception of having a dentist appointment. Most worthy of mentioning is the sense of security that i felt following the first consultation, where I was sure that I was in good hands. Previous dentists I would go to would leave me feeling unsure and uneasy of the procedure I was about to undertake and this would create an overwhelming amount of stress. More importantly, I used to cringe at the thought of all the pain I would feel every time I would need an adjustment of some sort; I have been a patient at Khoury Dental Clinic for over 4 months now and I can easily vow that I cannot remember a single instance of discomfort.

Lorraine Alam

I chose to come to this clinic following an internet search, having read the positive reviews for this clinic I decided it was the best practice for me. The clinic itself is great, the facilities are very good and the staff are very friendly.I feel like it received good value here during my checkup and cleaning. The clinic were back in touch with me and I had a follow up appointment since.The whole experience was great,one of the best dentists I have ever been to

Lisa Fuller

I underwent my first gum graft surgery at Khoury Dental Clinic. At the beginning, I was so worried and anxious first about the surgery itself, and second about the results. I visited a few other periodontists but the most accurate and realistic treatment was given to me by Dr. Jeff. Everything went so smoothly, it was the easiest surgery I have done to my mouth so far (although I’ve got pretty much of dental troubles in the past). The surgery, follow-up and results have all been excellent.

Khouloud Nassabi

Dr jeff is the most professional dentist in Lebanon who took out my 3 wisdom teeth and I felt nothing! He’s Always available when I need him, he also taught me how to brush my teeth properly, and the prices are very reasonable, highly recommended.

Shahinaz Akef

Super caring, highly professional Dr. Jeff Amazing welcoming staff… really excellent job… God bless you Dr. Jeff

Zeina Daouk

Excellent, pain-free service every time. Highly recommend.

Todd Harris

At Khoury Dental Clinic, they effortlessly discredits all pejorative stereotyes pertinent to dentists. In fact, Dr. Jeff remarkable professionalism, proficiency, patience and kindness not only testify in favor of his solid expertise in the field of dental health, but also speak volumes of his reassuring approach, down-to-earth conduct and friendly behavior. Dr. Jeff will almost make you wish for an aching tooth

Patty Zeidan

Dr. Jeffs touch is magical. I had quite a challenging case and I hardly felt any discomfort while he was working on my teeth. He really did an incredible job, not to mention how hygienic and nice the clinic and staff are. 5 stars all the way! 🙂

Diala Shuhaiber

The staff at this clinic are kind and welcoming, and Jeff is professional and on top of his game. It’s noteworthy that the management is prompt at responding to all emails/inquiries.

Charbel El Bcheraoui

I have to say over the years I have had a fair few dentists. Like most people I have huge anxiety about visiting the dentist. So when it came to removing two wisdom teeth by Dr Jeff, I was extremely nervous. He was absolutely amazing, he made me feel relaxed and at ease. He talked me through the whole process, which I might add was painless! I will never visit another dentist again other than Dr Jeff. Thank you so much for restoring my faith in Dentistry and for being so kind.

Celeste Widd

Super caring, highly professional, and a great staff. One of my best dental experiences. I underwent a surgery on the upper maxilla and the results were great. Highly recommended.

Awni Hallal

Dr. Jeff is a highly skilled clinician, and is surrounded by an affable staff. Under universal standards, exquisite results are bound to be achieved at affordable prices and minimized pain. Would highly recommend this clinic to anyone seeking to revamp their smile

Hussein Kobeissy

Not only is Jeff Khoury a profound dentist, but he is also very warm and friendly! He did a phenomenal job on my composite bonding, and now my smile looks better than I could have ever imagined. I will be sure to come to him for all my dental needs 🙂

Isabelle Charafeddine

Essentially every aspect of my experience at Khoury Dental Clinic was nothing short of top-notch. I am so glad I chose them for my needs while in Beirut… Dr. Jeff is a skilled professional who is very down-to-earth and honest. I could not have asked for a better experience at the dentist. Thank you! I’ll be back!

Sally Loos

Finally i reached the dentist i need after changing 3 doctors before, i can tell that the experience was the most professional very quick no pain and smooth, i had fixed 5 teeth in just 1 hour the result was a state of art you can’t realize the composite. The clinic is comfortable,easy to reach and park, the assistants are very helpful. My next will be gum surgery im nervous but definitely trust Dr. Jeff capabilty. Rola Hasna

Rola Hasna

I had a MAJOR problem with my teeth due to bad experience with previous dentists. I decided after many years to find a doctor abroad and that’s when I found this clinic. I emailed them and I received NOT ONLY a reply but also consultation and support like no where else! I travelled to Beirut, where I had my implants done by THIS PROFESSIONAL TEAM, Professor and Doctor Khoury. I CANNOT THANK THEM ENOUGH for their PERFECT JOB and above all for putting that smile back on my face! I had the WORST MOUTH you could imagine and had my implants done in the MOST PROFESSIONAL WAY!! I would not hesitate to recommend THIS AMAZING CLINIC ! Needless to say that I NEVER FOR ONCE FELT ANY PAIN…And a year later my husband travelled to Beirut to Khoury Dental Clinic and had his implants. Out of this world Experience!!!

Diana Estephan