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“Have no fear, Your dentist is here!”

Today I had to perform a surgery on a patient of mine. We did it in a hospital, as he had to undergo general anesthesia. He actually didn’t really need to go through this whole process, but we had to do it due to a bad experience he had with his previous dentist which led to his current phobia. Moreover, he started to have a severe gag reflex which meant that he couldn’t stand having any instruments touching his tongue or cheeks. I tried to convince him to take anxiolytics medicine (which helps alleviate anxiety) and gave him other options, but he was refusing everything.


“Going to the dentist can help BEAT diabetes”

Today was one of those days, where doing what I do felt better than great.

A returning male patient of mine, aged 55, came by for a quick check up as he was due for a recall visit after 3 months. He looked so different, healthy and happy. And as it turns out, he was!


“Braces made all my teeth fall out”

Believe it or not, it’s true. This was the case with one of my patients.

Even though braces are considered to be one of the safest treatments in dentistry, there are a few occasions when something goes wrong, a dentist can make a bad call and a case isn’t studied properly.

Today marks the end of a life changing treatment for one of my patients.


“What you do NOT know about your dentist”

For starters, he isn’t who you think he is. Meaning, your dentist probably isn’t the right person for you or your teeth. I know this may seem hard to believe, but before we dive into that subject, let me start by introducing myself.

Hi, I’m Dr. Jeff Khoury… A Lebanese male in my 30s and I’m very pleased to be writing to you.

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